The Burden of Modesty

Crossways Narratives

Today, you can easily start a conversation or a debate on women’s rights. Easier than talking about poverty, the environment, the global warming, child labour, or war and peace. It is very likely to close it with no solution as well. I came to the conclusion that the fiercest debate over feminism happen between feminists themselves. At first impression, you feel like they disagree more than they agree.

I am one of three sisters raised in a conservative Muslim home. Let’s just say modesty is something we heard about on a regular basis. Just one year ago, I used to wear the veil for 5 long years during which I was a high school teacher …in a remote village of Tunisia where they make no difference between a pencil skirt and a mini skirt.  They are both ‘inappropriate’. I started teaching at the age of 23, wearing  denim jeans, a tee shirt and loose long…

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