Friendship Breakups Are The Worst Kind Of Breakups

Thought Catalog

…soon ‘being the bigger person’ will become ‘not giving a shit’.

Where did these rules of friendship come from? The ones that state you must put the growth of the other over that of yourself. The rules that dictate what you are allowed to be hurt, angry and disappointed over. What distinguishes those from the ones you are really hurt by but mustn’t express? These rules of unconditional tolerance and forgiveness. Its not like the unexpressed anger does not have an effect on the friendship. Last time I checked I was only human. Although you vow to take the high road and give the other the benefit of the doubt a little part of you withdraws. It’s impossible not to keep tabs on the matters that cut deep. They eat away at you, at your affection, at your love, at your support, at your dignity. Until nothing is left. Until…

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