When Rivers Say Goodbye — Review by Mbizo Chirasha

A critical review..


Kenyan Poet Cynthia Abdallah writes a poetic memoir When Rivers Say Goodbye, reviewed by Mbizo Chirasha

This is a pre-publication book review by (MbizoChirasha)

Cynthia Abdallah writes a poetic memoir, a personally versified narrative, a precise, traditionally-internalized message. She embroiders a poetic memoir to the land of her birth, a birthmark-like literary statement to her homeland, to her father (daughter of the village), to her grandmother, father, mountains, Masai-Mara pastures, rivers and the fire-hearth that buried her umbilical cord, not having buried her physical self but her spiritual self. The nostalgic poetic narrative is justified by the title of the book itself. When rivers say goodbye, is an ironic phrase which exhibits the intimate relationship between the author and her ancestral tribe, land, heritage, spirit, and soil. It is a statement demonstrating the realities of human transition up the ladders of life, when the girlchild/author/poet/writer/chronicler Cynthia Abdallah waves goodbye to her…

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Published by Cynthia K Abdallah

Cynthia Abdallah is a Kenyan author, poet and filmmaker. Her work has appeared in numerous online magazines and in print. Poems: in The Tokyo Poetry Journal-Japan, Kwani Uchaguzi edition 8-Kenya, Ake review, Quailbell Magazine-USA, Bodies, and Scars anthology by Ghana Literary Journal. Short stories: Kalahari Review-Kenya, Nalubaale Review -Uganda, Active Muse-India, IHRAF, Women narratives on power USA, 2021. Cynthia also contributes to the Life and Style section of the Nation newspaper. and is also a filmmaker. Her films are streamed on shaharavideos.com Recent recognitions and awards Recipient of Jahazi Press inaugural Masterclass 2022 May-Aug . Film, Inyumba Yu Mulogooli, was selected in the recent Kalasha International film and TV Market festival with screenings in Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu and Mombasa from June 10-26, 2022. Recipient of Filamu dada women empowerment opportunity by docubox.org., highlighting female leaders. Inyumba Yu Mulogooli selected for Abuja International Film festival 2022 EDUCATION Bachelor of Education degree ( Linguistics and Literature), Kenyatta University class of 2010 Fulbright scholar, Foreign Language Teaching Assistant, Brown University: 2012-2013 Currently: Teacher of Language and Literature and IB coordinator in Caracas, Venezuela.

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