Kenyan writer Abdallah adapts her Masai Mara life-experiences  into a satire/metaphor concocted poetic letter bomb

Originally posted on PAN- WRITERS CARAVAN:
Your verses crack a whip of suspense in   precision-famished poetic mental pastures. Your poems are literary gems golden rimmed by   mind -tilting suspense, wit, sense of belonging, embrace/love of homeland/motherland, cultural patriotism (ubuntu). These wittingly stubbed poetic nuggets are an identity birth-mark to an African/Kenyan poetess rising to the…

A sudden storm by Pius Oleghe

The wind howls; the trees sway, The loose housetop sheets clatter and clang;  The open window shuts with a bang, And the sky makes night of day. Helter skelter, the parents run, Pressed with a thousand minor cares, Hey, you there! Pack up the house wares,  And where on earth is my son? Home skipContinue reading “A sudden storm by Pius Oleghe”