December: Published by Kalahari Review

Links: It was that time of the year again when Mlimani battled it out with Idunya P.A.G. These contests were taken very seriously amongst churches in Musasa and this time, Idunya was determined to slay Mlimani. They had won the title too many times already. It was their time now. It was customary forContinue reading “December: Published by Kalahari Review”

The Journey:Published by Active muse and Kalahari Review

Links: It was not usual for me to spend time with guga. He was getting old now, his brown coloured eyes behind his glasses revealing a tiredness that could only have come with old age. Guga was also beginning to lose his eye sight. His left eye could not see but the right eyeContinue reading “The Journey:Published by Active muse and Kalahari Review”